Hey, Andy & Cam from Kill Your Inner Loser here!

Something near and dear to both of our hearts is helping unconfident, or inexperienced – even virgin – guys build themselves an amazing sex life. A sex life beyond their wildest dreams, romping with a kickass woman (or multiple women 😜), exploring their sexual bucketlists, feeling that beautiful affection, connection and intimacy, and having a wild time. You deserve all those things.

And so do the women you’re going to have an amazing time with.

Let’s make it happen.

This book is the exact steps a ton of our coaching clients and guys in our community have used to have sex, enjoy wild adventures with women, and build very fulfilling sex and dating lives, as well as relationships.

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The book is a big, warm, reassuring hug from both of us that you can actually do this – no matter how nervous, uncertain, or full of doubt you might be. It contains the exact step-by-step instructions you can use to have sex within the next 6 weeks (if you really apply yourself & do everything we’ve written).

(And a caveat: Don’t be intimidated by the title, “in 6 Weeks”. If it takes you a little longer than 6 weeks – hell, even if it took you an entire year to have sex – that’s ok. Nothing bad happens just because it took you a little longer. That’s just part of your journey. We promise you’re gonna make it, if you just persist and hang in there. You got this.)

The book covers:

  • Some of the hurdles you might face at the start, particularly your own fears, doubts and insecurities – we literally hold your hand throughout the entire process.
  • Exactly which steps to take to start making things happen.
  • How to be honest and authentic throughout this process.
  • What to do if you’re very inexperienced (or even a virgin.)
  • Where to actually meet women – covering online dating, cold approaching, social circle, bars/clubs, and more.
  • How to set up a killer online dating profile, including what photos to shoot, what to put in your profile, what to message, etc.
  • How to deal with rejection.
  • How to text girls once you get their number.
  • What to do on dates – including what to do if you’re nervous or a little awkward.
  • How to invite women back to your place, and what to do if they decline.
  • How to make a move when you’re at your place/her place, including how to be honest about what you want.
  • How to have sex that’s enjoyable for both of you – especially if you’re very inexperienced with sex.
  • What to do afterwards; how to keep seeing each other.
  • How to ensure she has a great time too throughout all of this; after all, our motto when it comes to women is, “It’s only fun if you’re also having fun”.
  • How to build into a relationship if that’s what you’re ultimately looking for.

Screenshots from the book:

Why have we released it as “pay what you like” instead of charging hundreds of dollars?

A lot of people have helped us both get to this point in my life – friends, family, mentors, coaches. Some charged us thousands of dollars, many of them helped us for free. We wouldn’t be who we are today without all the love, support, guidance, knowledge and information given to us from so many others; we’ll both always be grateful to everyone who helped us get here. So many people helped us, and it’s our mission to give back.

We don’t want the information in this course to be locked away behind a huge paywall, unavailable to those who might need it the most. We don’t like the idea of guys out there suffering from lack of success with women, feeling unlovable, feeling unworthy, feeling alone. Every man is capable of building himself an awesome sex life – we want to see you really go after it and take a ton of action to make it happen. So we’ve released the course as a “pay what you want” model – even if that’s just $1.

Click the button below and let’s get you laid, and living an amazing life:

Grab the ebook
($ pay whatever you wish to give us – even if that’s just $1)

We hope this course brings you a sex life/dating life beyond your wildest dreams – and that the women you meet have a blast too.

After all, if tons of other guys in our community can do it, you sure as hell can too.

– Cam & Andy